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'SOLAR' Na,Gyeong-ja Hot Sauna

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Principle of Na, Kyeong-Ja hot Sauna

  • When a solar cotton-gauze heater emits heat, far infrared rays deeply penetrate the skin and so blood circulation is promoted.
  • The Na Kyeong-Ja Sauna System deviates from the earlier methods of converting energy using hot wire and adopts a unique, proprietary heating system radiating light by converting electric energy into solar energy.

A solar system, not steam type

  • The existing saunas may cause skin injury, dyspnea, skin irritation, sweat pore relaxation, heart irritation and others because the skin is touched directly with hot air at a closed space.
    On the other hand, children and even those who have weak hearts can comfortably take a sauna through Sun & I Sauna.

Na, Kyeong-Ja Solar System is free from electromagnetic waves

  • It has been reported that electromagnetic waves harass leukocytes in the human body and cause various diseases such as cancer, dementia and others. In addition, electromagnetic waves were defined as the second carcinogen in foreign countries.

Thermal Action of SUN & I Sauna

  • The followings are the merits of Sun & I Sauna Mattress that emits far infrared rays:
    - You are not short of breath the same as a bathhouse
    - You can use it at an opened space
    - You can use it immediately after turning on power without advance preparations
    - You can enjoy a thermotherapy (moxibustion) suitable to your biorhythm
    - You can enjoy a half bath, a full bath, double heating and others.
    - You and your family can use it without distinction of age or sex
    - You can be free from electromagnetic waves as direct current was adopted.
    - You can be free from humidity and odor, and you can enjoy emits anions.

SUN & I Sauna emits strong anion

  • The existing air cleaners emit anions through the corona discharge of positrons and negatrons.
    The problem is that those anions are harmful to human health because much ozone is emitted. On the other hand, SUN & I Sauna emits only anions good for the human body, and the number of anions exceeds one million.

Enjoy 3 functions at once (full bath, half bath and heating mattress)

  • SUN & I Cotton-Gauze Solar-Heating Sauna offers 3 functions.
    You can take a half bath and full bath, as well as can use it as a heating mattress at ordinary times.

Physical effects of far infrared rays

  1. Helps eliminate foreign materials and wastes in the skin
  2. Helps expand and contract blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and improve physical constitution
  3. Helps achieve cleanness and brightness of skin and stay in shape
  4. Helps prevent adult disease and remove stress
  5. Have an excellent effect on skin care (acnes, chloasmata, black spots, and anti-aging)

Five major effects of anion

  1. Purification of blood
  2. Ease of pain
  3. Regeneration of cells
  4. Increase in resistance to disease
  5. Regulation of autonomic nerves

  • A lot of anions purify air. Dust, ticks, bacteria and others are removed, and also groundwater waves and electromagnetic waves are cut off.
1.2-million anions are being emitted
It is being checked
whether 1-million anions are being emitted.