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'SOLAR' Na,Gyeong-ja Hot Home Mat

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Classy and luxurious heating pad

  • It is not so hard as a jade mat and a stone mat that it can be used everywhere.
    A separate (left and right) heating system can save energy costs.

Wellness heating pad rich in far infrared rays

  • Our cotton mesh heating material emits plenty of far infrared rays (by Korea Institute of Construction Materials).
    Strong infrared rays coming out of the heater will present warmth deep into the skin.
    The rays have an excellent effect on blood circulation and metabolism

The DC power system will end your worries about EMW

  • The employment of the DC temperature regulation system will eliminate the worry about EMW

Emission of more than 100 million anions

  • The emission of an abundant amount of anions helps purify blood, regulate the autonomous nervous system, clean air, and achieve sterilization and disinfection.

The cotton mesh heating material developed for the first time in the world.

  • A cotton mesh heating material made of woven cotton thread and impregnated with carbon
  • Generation of a large quantity of far infrared rays (Korea Institute of Construction Materials)
  • Delivering the warmth of far infrared radiation deep into the body
  • Crumple- and fold-free thanks to the flexible material

Double pad(left and right separation heating system) with 4 bimetals and 6 temperature sensors