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'SOLAR' Na,Gyeong-ja Hot Mobile Dry Bath

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''SOLAR' Na,Gyeong-ja Hot Mobile Dry Bath'has been selected for the 2013 Best Product.

Check out its success story.


SUN & I had steadily endeavored to solve the problems of the existing Aqua Mobile Whirlpool Bath in market. As a result of such effort,
it has developed the combined SUN & I had steadily endeavored to solve the problems of the existing Aqua Whirl Mobile Whirlpool Bath. As a result of such effort,
it has developed the combined Mobile Bath and heating pad on the basis of the principle of sunbeams.


  • A high-performance product using solar energy-radiating cotton mesh heating material the does not require water
  • Convenient and easy use, either on sofa or in the office
  • Emission of a large quantity of far infrared rays ensures their deep penetration into the skin and help with the promotion on metabolism.
  • The use of DC power gets rid of worries about electromagnetic waves (EMW)
  • The foot heater can be applied to various areas including back, shoulders, knees, and feet.

The principle of keeping the head cool and the feet warm.

  • The blood circulation disorder is pointed out as a reason of most of chronic diseases.
    What is called 'Blood Circulation Disorder' is that blood flow is not smooth which is caused by the many factors such as narrowed blood vessel or increase of blood clots.
    Blood Circulation Disorder could bring about cardiovascular diseases like angina pectoris and high cholesterol and furthermore could be accompanied with a complication such as dementia and palsy.
  • Not only for flow of energy and blood circulation but also for adult-disease prevention,
    SUN & I Mobile Dry Bath is a definitely recommended way for you to keep healthy at the cost of 30-minutes per a day.

Physical effects of far infrared rays

  1. Helps eliminate foreign materials and wastes in the skin
  2. Helps expand and contract blood vessels, increase blood circulation, and improve physical constitution
  3. Helps achieve cleanness and brightness of skin and stay in shape
  4. Helps prevent adult disease and remove stress
  5. Have an excellent effect on skin care (acnes, chloasmata, black spots, and anti-aging)

Mobile Dry Bath is Effective for the Followings:

  • Those who have a bad circulation
  • Those who want to have the clean skin
  • Those whose limbs are cold
  • Those who are easily fatigued
  • Those who are stressful
  • Those who walk for hours or who are sedentary for hours
  • Those who lack concentration
  • Those who cannot have a good sleep
  • Those who are difficult to enjoy a half bath due to a physical handicap
  • Those who frequently catch a cold
  • Those whose feet smell bad